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Recovery: SkinKit (5 products)

Recovery: SkinKit (5 products)


Our recovery line consists of 5 key products that work together in helping the skin recover post-Laser treatment.

Calming Mist
Nutrient rich Japanese Seaweed hydrates, calms & soothes heat activated skin, while balancing pH & reducing tightness from Quantum treatments

Hydro Boost
100% pure Hyaluronic Acid, nature's moisturizer, hold 1000 x it's weight in water.  Clinically proven to stimulate new cell growth

Cooling Gel
Organic Aloe & cucumber calm & sooth sensitized post treatment skin, while super antioxidant rich Spirulina protects fragile skin form oxidative stress

Gentle Enzyme Exfoliant
Organic Enzymes gently slough off dead skin, stimulating cell turnover to even out skin's toe & texture.  Leaving skin soft, smooth & glowing

Solar Guard
100% pure Titanium Dioxide, ultra light weight SPF Booster.  Add to any serum, moisturizer, cream or foundation to instantly boost the SPF or add where there is none. Versatile & effective sun protection  

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