Medical Aesthetic Artistry
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Pigment & Vessels

Sun exposure over the years causes brown spots to develop. Medical conditions, such as rosacea, leave ‘broken capillaries’ that can become unsightly. Fortunately, we have the Gold Standard in laser technology (the GentleMax Pro 755/1064 dual wave laser) that specifically targets brown and red pigmented areas. Our system is vastly superior to IPLs (which are not even lasers) and even better than many other lasers that claim to treat these concerns but don’t do so very well.

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GentleMax PRO is the TOP Gold Standard Medical Laser in the world.

GentleMax Pro laser treatments utilize the power of laser energy to treat pigment-related skin issues (i.e. solar lentigenes, age spots, melasmas), and to even out the overall tone and condition of the skin. Treatments are both effective and comfortable, and do not require any post-treatment downtime.