Medical Aesthetic Artistry

KRISTIN GONZALEZ, lead medical aesthetician


Hometown: Boston, MA
Education: Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology, Licensed Medical Aesthetician
Years of Experience in Skin: Over 15 years
Favorite Product: Vitamin C3 Serum
Favorite Treatment: eMatrix fractional RF

My love of skin health began in adolescence while struggling with acne.  Because of my love of people, I pursued a degree in psychology but later went on to discover that I could also pursue amy passion for skincare while integrating With a background in Psychology, I have always enjoyed building relationships with people as well as figuring out their needs and doing so required a relationship but;t on trust.  With a background as a skincare educator, I am able to teach our patients about the importance of skincare as well as preventative treatments to maintain the integrity and health of their skin.  

ARI PERALTA, co-founder & creative director

Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Education: MBA International Business, BA Luxury Marketing
Years of Experience in Skin: 6 years
Favorite Product: Strawberry Scrub
Favorite Treatment: Botox

I'm driven by connecting people with services and treatments that bring out the best within them. At Anthony Loren we have been able to provide balance and harmony to thousands of beautiful individuals. 


TARA GRENON, scheduling coordinator

Hometown: Boston, MA
Education: Bachelor's of Science in Education
Years of Experience in Skin: 2
Favorite Product: Anthony Loren Solar Gaurd
Favorite Treatment: eMatrix 

I’m truly lucky to be able to work with two of the most cutting edge skin specialists in the Tampa Bay area.  I’ve always had a passion for maintaining and perfecting my skin from a very young age and love sharing my passion and tips with others.  Your skin is the biggest organ you have and you only have one your whole life!  Let the Anthony Loren team help your inner beauty shine through!


TANYA OLGELESCO, customer care

Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL
Education: Tampa College, US Army, Certified group fitness instructor
Years of Experience in Skin: 20
Favorite Treatment: Botox

I enjoy working with people to help them reach their maximum potential though health, wellness and aesthetic beauty.