Anthony at Office

Meet Anthony

I have always been passionate about medicine. Even as a child, I loved learning the science about how humans function and the tools we have to help restore health and prevent disease. Although I grew up in a small, rural town in Minnesota, I dreamt that one day I would become like the medical practitioners I saw on TV, saving people from their ailments.

After undergrad, I studied medicine in Des Moines Iowa. It was an intense, fascinating experience. One day, as the didactic portion of school was coming to an end and my classmates and I were all mentally tired, a breath of fresh air walked into the room. A beautiful woman wearing a fancy dress, high heels, beautiful jewelry, with a freshly Botox-ed face arrived to teach our dermatology section. She was so cheerful and bubbly, unlike some of the other physicians that had lectured before her. She had her own medical aesthetics clinic and as soon as she was finished with her lecture, I knew I wanted to have a practice like hers. I went up to her after class and asked if I could do a rotation with her the next year and she said I could! It turned out to be the rotation that had the most impact on my life, more than any other professional experience. I was whisked into a beautiful world, filled with happy people who wanted to look and feel their best, and she was able to help them achieve that. While I appreciate all areas of medicine, aesthetics is the most fun, the most creative, and it’s exactly where I fit.

She taught me one other very important lesson during the time I spent with her: To always, only ever offer services and treatments that I truly believe in; ones that I can see work with my own eyes. To not give in to the latest “fads” unless I see real evidence for myself that something is not just hype. I am where I am today because I have held true to that way of thinking ever since.

I moved to Florida in 2006 in pursuit of my newfound passion for making the world more beautiful, one person at a time. My first job in medical aesthetics was with a wonderful cosmetic physician who taught me so much more than any weekend course on Botox or fillers ever could. I learned how to assess faces and address signs of aging from a wholistic perspective rather than a problem-specific one, and from there my own creativity and artistic abilities began to flourish.

I believe that almost any practitioner can learn the basic techniques of injecting, just like almost anyone could learn the basics of how to apply paint on a canvas, but some people are naturally more creative and artistic, and the end result is proof. I have seen this in practice time and time again. For example, a new patient who comes in asking for filler to smooth the smile lines (nasolabial folds) because that’s what he or she is used to receiving from other practitioners. Well, I know that what he or she really needs a bit of a cheek lift with a filler first to properly restore facial volume relationships. And on that note, I make a big distinction between restoring and enhancing. Restoration is where I shine. It’s what I see and what I love to do. I do not do as much in the way of enhancing - or giving people something they have never had to begin with. The cheeks and lips and everything else I do is to look like you haven’t done anything at all but are naturally timeless in your overall look.

Even before furthering my studies in the Doctor of Medical Science program I graduated from in 2019, I realized that aging is a dynamic process that generally occurs slowly over time and usually in a predictable order. It only makes sense, at least to me, that when we restore facial structures that have lost volume, smooth out lines, and improve the skin’s texture and tone in the chronologic order in which they happened, effectively “putting things back to where they used to be,” that the end result is going to not only be very pleasing, but also very natural, because that’s how it used to naturally be.

I have come to learn that most every patient wants the same thing in the end - to look and feel better. They may have a specific concern that I am happy to address, but many people appreciate a comprehensive examination and explanation of the issues occurring specifically to them, some of which they may not have even noticed until they see before and after pictures and get that personal attention I believe every patient deserves.

Now it has been over 13 years in practice, over 35 thousand treatments performed, I am in the top 3% in the country in terms of the amount of Botox and dermal fillers I inject, and I couldn’t be happier continuing to sculpt and contour each and every beautiful canvas that walks in the door.