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Facial Contours

As we age, our face loses natural volume and youthful contour - as the cheeks flatten, the skin below tends to sag and "jowls" begin to form. Dermal fillers are the nonsurgical solution to address and restore the natural facial volume relationships and contours with added benefits of natural collagen stimulation and minimal downtime. They can also be used to subtly enhance lip or cheek volume. The fillers we use are all ones that are made of substances natural to our bodies. The duration depends on which filler we use, some lasting 6-12 months and others 12-18 months.


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Allergan has introduced Volbella to its Juvederm family of anti-aging facial injections and we are pleased to offer it to our patients.

Volbella is an FDA-approved injection that can help smooth away the appearance of aging lip wrinkles around the mouth (perioral lines). Volbella was created for lip augmentation.  Volbella is made with Allergan’s proprietary Vycross™ technology, which increases the product’s durability while creating a more enhanced and natural appearance.

Volbella is suitable for patients who want subtle and smooth lip volumization, as well as the minimization of lip lines and wrinkles.  There’s no trout mouth associated with this treatment; everything is subtle, natural-looking, and designed to take years off of your appearance or boost volume in a natural way.

Additionally, Volbella is less hydrophilic than other older fillers, meaning there’s much less swelling associated with injections. 

Results from Volbella injections typically last up to 12 months, according to the manufacturer.

Vollure also features the same Vycross technology and is a medium density filler, ideal for smile lines and lip augmentation, with minimal swelling post-procedure. It is one of the most versatile fillers in the lineup and can be used in a variety of areas. In fact, in Europe, this filler is named VoLift and is also used for cheeks, making it one of the only fillers that is good at treating both structural areas as well as more delicate areas like the lips.

Results from Vollure injections typically last up to 18 months, according to the manufacturer.


Juvederm®Voluma XC was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December of 2013 as the first injectable filler to add volume to the cheek area.

Anthony Loren feels that this new filler is not just “anti-aging” but it also can be used to contour the face.  This is very important for female and male patients that are concerned with the facial volume loss that comes with age.

A youthful face is one that is full and has pronounced and full cheeks. Facial fat and fad pads are responsible for this.  As patients age, they notice the facial structures that hold the face up, tend to relax.  With this relaxation, those fat pads drop and jowls and sagging may occur.  A successful facial filler is able to fill in these spaces, allowing a lift.  This lift allows the cheeks to pop up the overlying skin.   It is these defined cheeks that help create a more youthful face.

Juvederm®Voluma XC goes a long way. Anthony Loren feels that Juvederm®Voluma XC fills these spaces more effectively than other facial fillers. He feels that Juvederm®Voluma XC helps him achieve a natural, sculptured and rejuvenated face and not the overly filled, puffy and rounds faces that have been associated with facial fillers in the past.

We explain to patients that Juvederm®Voluma XC injections are more expensive than other fillers and require special injections training and knowledge of facial anatomy and aesthetics.

You will appreciate the smoothness as well as the durability of Juvederm®Voluma XC.  Juvederm®Voluma XC is made with Allergan’s proprietary manufacturing technology called Vycross, increasing it’s durability and decreasing side effects such as swelling.

Results from Voluma injections typically last up to 24 months, according to the manufacturer. 


Radiesse is a long lasting dermal filler that is great for structural areas of the face, such as the cheeks. One advantage of Radiesse is that it not only provides its own long term volume and volume correction, but also increases your own natural collagen production, so even after the filler wears off, you are left better than baseline.

Why Choose Radiesse?

  • This cosmetic dermal filler has FDA approval for correction of the nasolabial folds between the mouth and nose – these folds are most often the first major evidence of aging.

  • The presence in your skin stimulates your own new collagen production

  • Provides immediate correction

  • Over time requires fewer syringes less often for the same duration and extent of correction

  • No allergy testing is required for Radiesse.

  • Radiesse is made of biocompatible calcium based microspheres suspended in a water gel and so it is biocompatible.

  • Immediate effect product for use in augmenting cheeks, chin, and recontouring the face.

Results from Radiesse injections typically last 12-18 months, according to the manufacturer.